Red Americana para
la Investigación de Cambios en la
Ecología y Salud

Dynamic and inter-related global influences such as over-population and migration, global warming and climane change, and economic pressures may collectively lead to anthropogenic habitat disturbance and shifting patterns of transmission of zoonotic pathogens as humans increasingly inrude into previously uninhabited environments. Understanding and potentially mitigating these complex interactions requires a multidiscipline team approach, including expertise in ecological field research, zoology and veterinary sciences, remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS), epidemiology, ecological modeling, pathogen diagnostics, and social and political science.

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Curso MOOC "Impactos de Cambio Climático y Global en América Latina"

Organizado por IAI - InterAmerican Institute for Global Change Research y Tropi-Dry Dimensiones Humanas y Biofísicas de los Bosques Secos de América Latina.

"Georeferenced Field Photo Library /
Foto libreria de imagenes de campo georeferenciadas"